Why Lead Management Matters

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If you’ve been in sales for more than 5 minutes, you will know that there are two very important things when it comes to leads:


When you’re making 80 dials a day, sending 100’s of business emails, and fielding inbound MQL’s (marketing qualified leads) as well, it’s easy to lose focus and control over all that data. It’s like trying to go grocery shopping when you only expected to get a few things, but half way through aisle 7 you have your arms full of produce and cans of soup with no basket in sight.

Lead management is not only the basket when you need it the most, but also an organized basket so your grapes don’t get crushed by your milk. You can use a dedicated Lead Management platform such as Ohmylead, a CRM, a spreadsheet, or even an old fashioned notebook. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is that they help you focus on qualifying your leads and converting them to sales.


Once you have your leads in a good lead management tool, you still need to nurture them until they are ready to close. Keeping your lead management system updated will ensure you have the data you need to succeed. With a large amount of leads, it’s important to focus on the data that matters:





These are the metrics you should be prioritizing your leads by to find your next deal. Ideally, you would be following up with all of your leads until they said yes or no. If you have a limited time to meet a quota, these are what you need to focus on.


It’s easy to look at a list of numbers and see what leads are doing the best. That is only half of the battle. The other half is to have a macro view of your process and see how it’s working.

Charts and graphs help make things easier to digest. Ohmylead includes auto-generated graphs such as these for you to see at a glance how your pipeline is converting. This lead management platform will also give you a view on your ROI. Indeed you can know exactly which one of your sources generate the most qualified leads. It’s really easy then to reorient his investments to the right channel. This is only one of the few great benefits that you can enjoy with this platform. Indeed you will also have the opportunity to have leads alerts for all of your sources, an automatic pre sales qualification to never miss a sales opportunity

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