The missing link between Lead generation, Sales and Nurturing

Synchronizes all your lead generation from multiple sources such as Facebook Lead Ads, website,your own landing page to name a few like a pro with Ohmylead. It will convert your leads into new deals faster by sending only high qualified leads to your sales team.

Our lead management software gives you a platform to engage easier with your leads and start building a faster relationship but most important, the platform let you automate your leads journey according to their maturity.

If your leads are about to become customers, they are sent effortlessly into your CRM. If they need more time before they buy, they are sent to your ESP for further nurturing. This is made very easy by Ohmylead.

Our lead management software is really like air traffic control for your lead. In this process, some features will help to automate the lead processing, filling the missing link between raw leads and SQL (sales qualified leads)

It also creates real time lead alerts to avoid missing customers and welcomes your lead and alerts them of your products and services.This lead management software offers email templates to engage your leads with the right message, has email and phone verification to avoid wasting time on false contacts.

It has a lead enrichment part to give more than just a mail to your leads which let you have a better understanding of your clients needs and habits. The fact that your lead sources are connected on one unique place will let your measure your ROI and lead gen effort.

Sounds interesting? Keep reading to learn more.

Are you having problems to capture all of your leads in one unique place?

Usually people struggle with many endless spreadsheets that they export from their various lead sources like WordPress, Facebook leads ads, landing pages and other content management systems.

Ohmylead offers the best solution to stop the struggle with exporting back and forth by gathering and managing your sales leads. We have an easy and effective platform where you can see and assess them. Best of all, you will receive a notification for each new lead that has been captured no matter where.

Are you struggling to manage your sales lead and doing a better follow up?

Most of the companies that we have helped don’t have a clear process of lead management. That means that they put a lot of money and time in lead generation but without any clue of the number of missing opportunities.

Mostly they do manual sorting and engage in inefficient communication that risk losing their leads. Indeed, according to some studies, they say that leads can turn cold if they did not receive any information during first hours that they subscribed to your service.

So, what is the best step that you should take to improve your lead management? Use a tool that will centralize your leads in one place in order to manage them effectively. This app synchronizes all your sources in 1 place and let’s you have a better follow up thanks to the leads alert for each new subscriber, a welcome email that they will receive automatically and smart lead card that will give you more details about your leads.

Do you need more qualified leads?

Leads are willing to buy your products and services only when you have an effective lead management strategy like the one discussed above. The best lead management software should show which leads are likely to convert into buyers and which ones are taking time to convert.

Ohmylead have some of the coolest features to ensure your leads easily qualify at the end of your process.

They let you create and use emails template to increase productivity. The software offers some email templates if your sales team is not competent in email marketing. Of course, any voice IP software can be connected to Ohmylead in order to be able to make a call in just one click.

As I discussed above, leads alerts and welcome mail are easy to set up in order not to miss any sales opportunity.

You will have a smart card that will allow accessibility of all the information about your leads with the lead enrichment part and identity resolution.This is also the place where you can follow all activities like where they come from, what are their evolutions in term of qualification and also the unique and simple place to qualify your leads.

The fact that there is also a number and email verification, this allow you to filter automatically unqualified leads

Do most of your leads fail to convert?

When your leads come in, do they ALL go to your customer relationship manager (CRM) or all to your email service provider (ESP), or do you contact them all personally? Leads should NOT all go to one place – leads are not all the same. Some leads are ready to buy now, and others are not.

Once in Ohmylead, they can be automatically dispatched to the most appropriate system according to their qualification maturity.

For example, you can dispatch to ESP (for nurturing, if you can’t close them in the short term), or to your CRM (if you want to work on them for short term with your sales staff until they are ready to buy). That way you’ll have in your CRM only highly qualified leads.

In short, Ohmylead let you deliver only high qualified leads to the CRM, and in turn more deal closed and this leads to more trust with your sales team. This software will let you build a clean lead nurturing process by enabling you to send only people that need further nurturing in your favorite ESP.

To Sum Up

If you are looking for the best lead management software that will connect all your sources of lead generation in one place, look no further, Ohmylead is the solution for you.

It not only synchronizes all your lead generation from multiple sources such as Facebook Lead Ads but give some insights about your lead generation efforts.  Ohmylead is the missing link that you need between your lead generation, lead management and lead nurturing.

Unbelievably, several lead sources can be connected to our lead management software. For example, 1 landing page, 3 Facebook leads ads can be connected. The software has an incredible feature that have analytics which highlights the lead source that is generating the most qualified leads. When you have this important information, you will be able to invest more money on the lead source that is generating the most qualified leads.

As we said in intro, Ohmylead is like air traffic control for your leads because it connects all your sources of lead generation in one place and let you follow up like a pro with Ohmylead.  

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