Pipedrive and Ohmylead for more high qualified leads

PIPEDRIVE is a cloud-based sales software company. It has offices in Estonia, Portugal, UK, New York, Czech Republic and Prague. Pipedrive is a customer’s relationship management software that has benefitted many businesses across the globe. It was built to help salespeople focus on actions that close deals and that manage business interactions with potential customers. It has employed over 500 people and more than 85,000 customers around the world use its service.


The goal of Pipedrive is to improve business relationship ultimately increasing profitability. As a business grows, its sales team quickly realizes that they need a central place for sales management and productivity. A productive sales team needs to know their leads needs, current state and wants so they can work on closing deals with them. Pipedrive was created to solve problems like this; to offer 1 central place of solving their customer’s needs.

CRM today is huge because businesses are able to grow after building strong relationships with their customers. Additionally, with a better customer relationship management software, a business will increase their sales by getting customers that are profitable.

About Ohmylead Lead Management Software

Ohmylead is lead management software that has been of great help to many small and big businesses across the globe.

It has gained immense popularity for centralizing all leads from multiple places like wordpress website, ClickFunnels, Facebook lead ads, Linkedin ads, Unbounce, to name a few. It is the missing link that you need in your business between your lead generation campaign and your sales. Here is the good news! The lead management software makes sure they send to your pipedrive leads that are ready to buy.

Ohmylead have a native integration with pipedrive where they will do the hardwork for you and only send qualified leads to your sales team. This will save your sales team time and energy of working on unqualified leads.

CHALLENGE 1 -Problems of having too many unqualified leads into the CRM

Without lead management software like Ohmylead, too many unqualified leads will come into your sales pipe. Lead qualification process is therefore extremely important for any company that wants to increase their sales.

A marketing team will keep passing unqualified leads to the sales team because they don’t have any tool to show them which leads are ready to make a purchase. This results in a lost deal, marketing misalignment and wastage of time and resources on unqualified deals.

There are different types of customers. There are customers that are ready to buy and those that search a product or service before buying. If there is no good qualification process in place, a company will either end up losing leads or end up with unqualified leads in their Pipedrive.

Unqualified leads in CRM have the following characteristics;

  • They certainly have fake contacts informations
  • They don’t know what they are looking for
  • They are maybe not ready yet to make a purchase
  • They are unsure of what your company offers
  • Your service or product is out of their price range

Get only qualified leads into your sales pipe. Ohmylead makes sure your leads are ready to convert before sending them to your CRM.

How Ohmylead will solve unqualified leads problems

Ohmylead will solve unqualified leads problems by creating an automatic bridge with Pipedrive according to a certain state label.

A partly automated qualification process will let you get more qualified leads. Secondly, you will be able verify automatically the validity of the contact by checking his numbers and phone numbers. They will also automatically receive a welcoming email and engaging messages. Ohmylead offers email templates to engage with them throughout the buying cycle before automatically sending them to your sales pipe. Ohmylead will give more info about your leads with their lead enrichment feature. This will let your sales team have better results thanks to more arguments for their pitch.

The analytic feature will help pipedrive users accurately identify the source that is generating qualified leads so they can invest more money and time on it.

Problem of having Uninformed leads into the Sales Pipe

It is a daunting task for a sales team to deal with leads that do not have enough information of what your company offers or what they are looking for. These usually make unqualified leads. Buyers who are ready to convert usually know what they are looking for and have all the information of the product or service.

Leads can have less information when they come into sales pipe. This is because of lack of a lead qualification process. Integration of ohmylead and pipedrive can solve this problem. The fact that all your lead sources are connected in 1 place, it is easy to communicate with them.

With Ohmylead, your leads will receive information about your company during first hours that they subscribed to your service. They will also receive a welcome email and this will prompt them to know about the services or products offered.

Other features that help with lead qualification process include voice  IP software to make calls, lead alerts, and email, phone verification to make sure you send right contacts into Pipedrive.

Features that Pipedrive Users will love about Ohmylead

As lead management software, ohmylead offers a platform to interact with your leads. Its numerous features such as real time lead alerts, E-mail templates, lead scoring, email and phone verification, ROI measuring, lead enrichment, sending welcome email to your leads makes sure your sales team get more high qualified leads into their pipe.

By connecting all lead sources in 1 place, your company will have analytics that will highlight the source that is bringing the most qualified leads. What is more? They are all automatically dispatched to your pipedrive account. Your sales team will find it easy to work on leads that are ready to buy. By identifying the source that is generating more leads, you will put more money on it so you can get more qualified leads to your sales team.

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