How Webeuz the digital agency deliver more qualified leads


WEBEUZ is Morocco’s leading digital marketing agency. Its main goal is to drive traffic and acquire ideal customers. They values their clients hence they use effective, fresh and modern digital marketing solutions such as Search engine optimization (SEO), Email marketing, lead generation, content marketing, social media marketing, to name a few.
The company is result oriented and combines web marketing and technology. It covers all stages of a project from consulting on digital strategy to creation, design, technical architecture, implementation, and continuous optimization through data analysis.

They have a strong online presence in order to promote their client’s brand and drive sales. They understand that the world has gone digital and so should a business owner. Traditional marketing methods are no longer effective and efficient. It is extremely important therefore for a company to have a strong online presence.

Webeuz use internet marketing strategies that will increase leads to their clients ultimately increasing (return of investment) ROI and revenue.

How Ohmylead boost Webeuz processes

Mehdi Mourabit, founder & CEO of Webeuz, gave his testimonial of how Ohmylead boosted sales and internal process. With the help of Ohmylead, the digital marketing agency got a platform to manage easier client’s lead gen campaigns and to deliver more qualified leads to them. They now offer the service as a white label and this adds more value to their clients. Not only they generate leads but also give an intuitive interface that helps to qualify leads and reorient ads investment.

Ohmylead team organized a day to visit Webeuz to explain the functionalities of their lead management software. Webeuz was happy and became interested to know more because of their major problems of dealing with their many leads.
Webeuz is a successful digital agency that creates and generates a lot of lead sources for their clients. Their marketing team had a huge problem of managing in one place all the sources of lead generation. Another emerging problem was ton of new leads that were coming in from their different sources, and especially unqualified leads that should not be send to the clients.

Challenge 1-Problem of managing all their multiple lead generation campaign

WEBEUZ is a digital web agency based in Casablanca. They have generated leads for more than 20 clients totaling 80k leads per year on multiple kind of lead sources. Their team wanted to bring an added value to their clients by speeding up their lead management process and delivering more qualified leads.

Solutions that Ohmylead Offered

Ohmylead resolved the problem by automating their qualification process. Instead of importing and delivering manually leads to their clients, they now simply connect their lead sources to Ohmylead’s platform and clients can have their leads in real timeOhmylead connected like a pro all their leads sources such as webeuz various landing pages, and a lot of their facebook leads ads and LinkedIn ads into one platform.  The digital agency use Ohmylead software on work days, each time their clients receive new leads, they will then qualify them first, then deliver automatically qualified ones to the clients.

With Ohmylead, they just add and manage the lead sources, configure lead alerts and welcome emails. Their clients are now happy with their generated qualified leads. Lead alerts are created to avoid missing any leads. Clients now says that it is really helpful for them to get leads with deep insights about them. Additionally, it is a perfect way to have some leads that already received a welcome email.

The company can now measure their ROI and lead generation effort because their lead sources are connected on one platform of Ohmylead. It is now possible for Webeuz marketing team to see and assess which source is generating more leads so they can invest more on it.

Challenge 2- Dealing with a huge number of leads and dealing with Qualification

Recently, the digital agency has been dealing with lots of clients daily because the company has grown. This led to slower delivery of leads to their new clients and it can affect their reputation. Webeuz also experienced negative feedback from sales team of too many raw leads instead of qualified leads. That’s when they started to look seriously for a solution. Both their marketing and sales team started to stagnate. They were delivering leads in a slow process and this could negatively affect a company.

Solutions that Ohmylead Offered

Ohmylead did the following;

  1. Let them deliver more qualified leads to their clients
  2. Measure ROI and reorient ads investment on the sources that generate the most qualified leads

This lead management software provided a platform where the digital agency can manage easier several lead gen campaigns and deliver automatically qualified leads to their clients . It has some of the coolest features like email templates to engage with leads, voice IP software, smart lead card, email and phone verification to avoid the company wasting time on false contacts.

Ohmylead automatically sends their client’s highly qualified leads to CRM (customer relationship manager). Leads that need more time to qualify are sent to ESP (email service provider) for further nurturing.  Webeuz clients are now happy because they can close more deals than before. This tool offer an interface to qualify and manage their leads. It is a complete process that Webeuz marketing team can manage for themselves.

Webeuz took Ohmylead as a white label.

Overall View

Ohmylead is a user-friendly platform that webeuz marketing team found easy to use. They have affordable packages and their support is wonderful. The digital company reported that Ohmylead support team is cooperative and is always available to answer all questions.

Ohmylead replaced the long, slow, manual importation of leads. This was a major problem slowing the digital marketing company down considering the many daily number of leads and the number of clients they were dealing with. Thanks to them, webeuz now save more time (approximately 10 hours per week) they have automated their leads delivery process. They deliver now qualified leads to their sales team, notably through the software qualification process.

Ohmylead simplified 3 main tasks:

1- The centralization of all lead sources. It is now on one platform.

2- The lead-delivery. The process has been speeded up.

3- The lead qualification process. Marketing process is now automated. It is easier, and the leads are more qualified.

Webeuz can now refer Ohmylead to other companies and agencies. They are satisfied with the lead management software and highly recommend it. They commented that the lead management platform has added value to their company and they can now focus on their goal of being the leading digital marketing consulting agency in Morocco.

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