How To Generate Qualified Leads With Facebook Lead Ads – Full 2020 Guide

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Are you tired of spending your budget and generating unqualified leads? Are you losing leads because you do not reach them in real-time? Are you new to Facebook Lead Ads?
If you answered Yes to any of these questions this article is for you! 
We all dream of generating only qualified leads and increasing our ROAS, but most of us are just lost as to how that could ever be achieved.  The competition got stiffer, advertising costs increased and the leads raised their expectations. 

This, in turn, pushed marketers to look for a better solution making the whole journey much more pleasant. 

I couldn’t believe how a simple well-structured process could increase your ROAS significantly. Below, I will be sharing how you can generate qualified leads by using Facebook lead ads. 

What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook launched Facebook Lead Ads in 2015 to simplify form filling and to overcome people’s apprehension to filling out forms.

Lead ads make the mobile signup process very easy, allowing advertisers to collect information, such as name, phone numbers and email addresses, directly from the ad. 

So, instead of sending prospects to a landing page, you will be able to collect all the information from Facebook. 
Essentially Facebook Lead Ads are meant to make the process of filling forms as smooth as possible. So, now, people can simply tap on the ad and a form pops up.  Facebook then automatically fills in their contact information and as soon as they click on ‘submit’, their contact information will be sent to you. 
Above you’re looking at three main components when you’re running this ad type. 
  1. The Ad Copy – Looks like any other Facebook ad. Here, you will be able to choose one of the following 6 CTA options. 
    1. Sign Up
    2. Subscribe
    3. Learn More
    4. Apply Now
    5. Get Quote
    6. Download
  2. The Form – As soon as they click on the ad copy, a form will pop-up, with the leads contact information already pre-filled. All they have left to do is submit their data.
  3. Confirmation – The last page is the thank you page or confirmation page.

Facebook’s lead ads can help you meet your business goals if you want to:

  • Find new customers for your business
  • Find out more about people’s interests
  • Get people to sign up or register for your service
  • Get people to enroll in your program
  • Get people to download a brochure or manual

How To Create Facebook Lead Ads?

  1. In Ads Manager, create a new campaign and select Lead Generation
  2. Select your Facebook page, and review the View Terms.
  3. Select your target audience, chose where you want to place the ad, then adjust your ad budget.
  4. Next, Select your ad-format & start creating your ad copy. (Headline, ad copy, CTA)
  5. Next, click on the Contact Form at the bottom of the page. (This is where you can add a form title, relevant questions to your business and your thank you page.)
  • Intro – Here try to be clear and concise, as to why they should fill the form.
  • Questions – Chose from the standard questions already there, or select Custom Questions and ask questions that are more relevant to your business.
  • Privacy Policy – Add in your business privacy policy page. (Facebook requirement) 
  • Thank You Page – This is the confirmation page, your audience will see, when they complete the form.
Next, click on settings if you want to add any advanced options or change the language.
Finally, review your ad copy, click on Finish, and Confirm. 
Now that you know what Facebook Lead Ads are, and how to create them. Now Let’s Look at a real-life example:
Ad Copy:
Here as you can see that WordStream kept it simple and concise, their audience knows what to expect from the beginning. 
As you can see here, they’ve elaborated pretty well what you should be expecting in their intro.
Thank You, Page:
On the last page, it’s where they offer the download they promised at the beginning and thank the lead for getting this far.
Based on WordStreams data, campaigns using lead ads have an average conversion rate of 12.54%. While Landing pages have a lower conversion rate of 10.47%.

The difference is in the quality of the lead. On one hand, the more steps and the longer a lead sticks around, the more qualified they are. 

On the other hand, with Facebook lead ads the conversion rate seems to be higher in terms of volume, because of its simplicity, and because of the few steps a lead has to take.

You should decide which one you should use based on your business goals, and test to see which one works best for you.

Facebook Lead Ads has a steady growth since its launch, It is only growing as the years go by. This means that more and more people started using them to acquire leads. 
”Remember that Facebook Ads work. There are proven results that work for companies of all sizes, and the huge majority of businesses use them for content marketing.”  – Neil Patel

Now the question is how do you generate qualified leads?

Tips to boost your CTR and generate more qualified leads :
– Keep It Simple: 

Do not overwhelm your audience and go straight to the point and communicate why your audience should give you their contact information. 
– Reflect Your Brand: 

Your lead ad should consider being aligned with your brand, so focus on sharing your comparative advantage, to incite people to take action
– Customize Your Ad: 

Stand out from your competition and optimize your lead ads for a quick follow-up and quality content. 
– Find Leads That Matter: 

Reach the right audience by refining your data and creating LLA campaigns of existing customers.
Ask questions that are relevant to your business.

– Sync With Your CRM or Lead Mgmt Tool To Optimise For Qualified Leads: 

Sync Facebook Lead Ads with your CRM Lead Management Tool.
Ohmylead a centralized lead management tool, allows you to collect, nurture & qualify all your leads effortlessly.
By syncing your Facebook lead ads with Ohmylead you will be able to follow-up much faster. Once synced, you will be notified by email for every newly acquired lead in real-time. Your lead will also receive an automatic welcome email, making the follow-up process very effective.
Qualify your leads either by Call, SMS or Email & filter your leads by assigning them different statuses, such as Qualified, Pending, Unqualified or you can create your own custom status.
Measure & Analyze which lead ad brings you the most qualified leads and reorient your ad budget accordingly.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Lead Ads?

In order to get the most out of your Facebook Lead Ads, always offer value or something in return for their contact information. 
Typically, most people tend to be more responsive to a lead magnet like an e-book, or a free course compared to ads that offer nothing in return.
People also tend to be more comfortable sharing their contact information if they see other people engaging with your brand. So by offering social proof, you will increase your chances of generating more leads. 
Facebook lead forms are doing a great job in generating prospects, but leaving it to just that, will harm your efforts in converting them.
It is vital to contact your leads as soon as they finish filling up your form. You tend to have more chances of converting them because you are still on their mind. Hence the importance of a quick follow-up after collecting your prospect’s information. 
Most people tend to sync Facebook Lead Ads with their CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Though the problem with that is that by doing so, you’ll get more unqualified leads, your sales team will lose time and energy, when in reality this should not be their job to filter out newly generated leads. 
The best way would be to sync your Facebook lead ads with a more adequate system, specifically built for this. There are a few services available such as Ohmylead that offer the possibility of having a swift process, optimizing your funnel for success. 

Let me explain…

With this system, you will be able to sync your lead ads, follow-up faster and qualify your leads before sending them to your CRM or ESP (Email Service Provider) improving your ROAS.
So, as soon as someone finishes filling up your lead form, they will automatically receive a welcome email, while you will receive an email notification inviting you to take action. 
You will then be able to qualify those leads either by call, SMS or by sending them an email sequence. This, in turn, increases your chances of conversion and puts you a step ahead of the competition. 
Final Thoughts :
Despite the typical mainstream way of advertising on Facebook, Facebook Lead Ads are slowly but surely starting to attract more attention. 

It is a cheaper and less traveled road that could increase your sales if done right. If you had to take away one thing from this article, I would focus on offering your prospects value(be authentic) and setting up a proper lead management process, where you can optimize all your efforts for success. 
What about you, Are you using Facebook Lead Ads? If Yes, I would love to hear about your experience and your process! 

Aymane Zouhair – Head growth hacker, lived and worked in 4 different continents, stacking up valuable experience. Has a passion for music, sports, and marketing,  

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