How to Boost WordPress Website through Gravity Forms

Gravity forms has been approved the most useful forms of plugin for WordPress. Gravity forms is specifically an upgraded plugin for WordPress. With this amazing software you can come up with numerous forms including questionnaires, surveys, quizzes, pools, support requests, and file upload requests.

Through Gravity Forms configuration settings, you can have a great deal of controlling how users interact with your forms and how forms entries are managed. These opportunities cover who get form entry notifications, and in what format, the power to set availability forms according to date, user role and much more.

Conditional logic feature plays a significant role in  Gravity Forms. Conditional logic is used in determining which form fields are portrayed to a user based on the values entered in previous fields. By the assistance of conditional logic you can enable upgraded routing of form entries, ensuring that messages are submitted to the right team member or department.

Gravity forms in a context of lead generation /lead management and which also  help in evaluating your leads. Put web forms in your wordpress website to capture your lead in an excellent manner.


  1.    It’s Secure: When working with your WordPress blog and collecting different forms of data, you must consider the security aspect. Gravity forms is a secure, stable, and safe plugin for the people who do not want their site to be hacked by malicious individuals.
  2.    It’s easy to use: Gravity Forms offer an easy interface that is straightforward and easy to use. The Gravity Forms are awesome because it is completely compatible with your WordPress theme.
  3.    Anti-Spam Honeypot: Your online forms may attract some spammers, they can opt to send you bots to track you. The awesome Captcha fields were designed to confuse robots. Gravity forms are designed creatively to overcome the attacks of hackers.
  4. If you own an eCommerce website, this is ultra-essential: Gravity Forms provide an accomplished set of pricing fields.  The great plugin enables you to analyze the lead sources elegantly. You can manage your qualified leads with the Gravity forms in a professional manner.
  5.    Data Validation: There are over thirty dissimilar fields accessible with Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms validates any information and notifies you when the data input is contrary to the chosen type.
  6.    Conditional Logic: Gravity Forms shows or hide forms based on your response to specific fields. This gives you an awesome room with a clean form displaying relevant fields. This prevents any confusion and the form looking unnecessarily wordy.


  1.    If you are an IT amateur, the Gravity Forms plugin can be a little bit challenging to install in your gadget.
  2.    The Gravity Forms add on can be expensive to purchase especially by low-income earners.

Tips to Optimize Your Gravity Forms with your WordPress Website

Gravity Form Tip #1: AJAX

AJAX gives you the permission of checking your site without necessarily refreshing the page. For example, it allows you to see if the username has been used or not without having to reset the form.

Gravity Form Tip #2: Tab Indexing

Gravity forms plugin helps in changing the tab of your WordPress Site by indexing the values of your forms so that they can work as you expect.

Gravity Form #3: Conditional Notifications

The Gravity Forms add on gives you a golden opportunity of conditional notifications. You can comfortably go to notifications or settings. You can go to many notifications as you want which help you in the process of lead alert.

Gravity Form #4: Multi-page Forms and the Power to save progress

The gravity forms are so advantageous to you; they create numerous page forms in your site. Also, the forms are so dependable because they save any of the work that you are doing on your website.

Gravity Form tips #5: Connect your WordPress site with Ohmylead

You have the golden opportunity of optimizing your process by connecting Gravity forms with Ohmylead. In that way you’ll have automatically all your new leads into a great intuitive qualification interface. You can set up a welcoming email to your clients  (purpose and advantage of welcome email, keep your lead warm by connecting to your customers.) You will be able to get more insights about your leads thanks to the lead enrichment feature that let you know more than a name and an email. Try to say that your lead management process will be optimize and you’ll have the possibility to deliver more highly qualified leads to your sales representative.


With Gravity Forms Plugin installed in your website, you will manage your business like a pro. Ohmylead gives you a spectacular opportunity to connect your WordPress website through this efficient plugin . A lot of clients have installed this application on their WordPress site, and they have follow up faster with their leads and finally deliver more highly qualified leads. Gravity Forms assist you 100% in running your WordPress website in the lead generation context.

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