How Epiltech increase sales by 50%

EPILTECH is a network of high technology specialized center in intense pulsed light and has a unique expertise in wellness and beauty. This network is based in Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech & Tangier, in Morocco. It offers its customers an array of beauty services such as facial, permanent hair removal, body slimming, to name a few.

Its development has been quickly successful which means they now deal with tons of leads generated every day.  Recently, they were overwhelmed with the work of managing their leads and that is why they needed to use à lead management software to make the link between their lead generation and new clients..

If you are not familiar with the term lead, here is an explanation. A lead is a prospective customer with an interest in what you are selling.

How Ohmylead boost Epiltech sales by 50%

Joris Blot, CEO of EPILTECH, talks about how they have achieved success with Ohmylead: “Thanks to OML, it has helped the beauty and wellness center eradicate the risk of losing their leads due to inefficient communication. The Ohmylead team visited Epiltech for a demo on the functionalities of the lead management software and we were impressed.”

That’s how their journey with Ohmylead started.

EPILTECH being a successful, famous health spa and based on various cities in Morocco, it has to deal with a big, daily number of new leads. This is not easy as the sales team would struggle with their different lead sources. This is where Ohmylead played a big role.

CHALLENGE 1 – Problems of capturing all their leads in 1 place and work with only qualified leads

EPILTECH marketing team realized that they were wasting precious time delivering manually and most raw leads to their sales team, from their various lead sources. Ohmylead resolved the problem by automating this process, instead of importing and delivering manually their leads to the sales team, they now simply connect their lead sources to Ohmylead’s platform and deliver only qualified leads.

Ohmylead was able to connect all their lead sources such as their landing pages and their multiple Facebook lead ads. And the fact that the software have an analytic feature which show EPILTECH which one of those sources is generating the most qualified ones.

This has increased their final sales by almost 50% since they have invested more efforts and money on the lead source that is generating more qualified leads hence increasing their ROI.  By automating their lead management process, this has greatly reduced the time needed to manage their leads. Before it took days importing and delivering manually their leads to their sales team but now it takes 2 to 3 hours with Ohmylead.

CHALLENGE 2 – Problems of doing a better follow up

Initially, EPILTECH sales team will be working on their leads everyday and each time they receive a new lead, they will be contacting and qualifying them at the same time without too much information. This was an overwhelming task!

Before using Ohmylead, the daily number of leads was a lot to process for their sales team. As you know, they had to call their interested leads within two hours, otherwise they would lose them. The main problem was the dispersed lead sources, too much unqualified leads and the manual process of exporting the good ones to their CRM.

Many times EPILTECH marketing team did not deliver qualified leads. They realized there was a problem when tension increased between their marketing team and sales team. Indeed, the sales team started to blame the marketing team about the quality of delivered leads. They had to do something to ease the tensions.

EPILTECH do not think it happened suddenly but occurred over time.

Here is the Solution that Ohmylead Offered

Ohmylead lead management software here play the role of the air traffic control for the leads. The software is connected between the lead generation efforts of the marketers and the CRM of the salespersons. This tool is smart enough to send the lead generators responsible lead alerts in real time so they can act fast. They can in one click verify the lead validity and maturity before sending them or not into the CRM.

This has solved the primary problem of their customers going cold or becoming disinterested.  They have been preventing this by giving the right information during the first hours their leads subscribe to their services. They created and used  emails templates in order to reduce the time to process a lead. Best of all, Ohmylead offers an automatic welcoming email to their customers so that they can feel they are in the right place.

Features that EPILTECH liked about Ohmylead Management Software

According to their EPILTECH CEO, when he visited Ohmylead website, he found a solution that answer his need, with clear value proposition. And after few research, he saw many users and profesional expressing a positive thoughts on the lead management software and that’s when he decided to test it too because the price was also really accessible.

Having used several marketing automation softwares before, like Zapier, the wellness and beauty center teams can confidently state that Ohmylead offers a large set of options that other competitors don’t.

  • Gives a fantastic platform to engage easier with leads

Ohmylead has allowed them to work on an all-in-one platform, lead sources, landing page builders etc.
This has led to a better relationship with their leads because they are sent automatically into their CRM after they qualify or to their ESP for further nurturing. Thanks to Ohmylead, the health spa now save more time (approximately 10 hours per week) for their lead management process has been automated. Also, they have more qualified leads, notably through the software qualification process which has increased their profits.

  • Ohmylead offers real time leads Alerts

This effective and easy to operate lead management software creates lead alerts for the marketing team in order not to miss the leads. There are email templates to help in the marketing process and even email and phone verification which EPILTECH said was extremely helpful in verifying the leads to avoid wasting time on false contacts.

Overall View

Ohmylead replaced the long, slow, manual importation of leads from their different lead sources. This was a major problem slowing them down, in view of the daily number of leads. Also, since their marketing team delivers now only qualified leads, their relationship with the sales team is doing much better. EPILTECH sources are now centralized in 1 platform enabling them measure their ROI and lead gen effort.

According to their marketing team, what attracted to them the most is the cooperation and agility of Ohmylead support team. They have been with them from the very beginning; they explained patiently the process, and never hesitated to answer all their questions. Also, they found the platform to be user-friendly; no specific skills are required to operate it.

Ohmylead quickly became a part of their marketing team and sales team routine! This is all thanks to Ohmylead’s support team, who accompanied them through and taught EPILTECH to use the platform in a clear manner.

 Ohmylead has now simplified their 4 main tasks:


  • The centralization of all their lead sources: it is now only in one platform of Ohmylead.



  • Ohmylead has useful features like email templates that ensure their leads easily qualify at the end of their process.



  • The lead qualification process: only qualified leads are automatically sent to their sales team hence no tension between marketing team and them.



  • The analytics: they can now track their performances in real time through the platform and this has lead to their sales increasing tremendously.


They look genuinely happy by this tool and highly recommend it to any company.  It has helped them reach their goals easily by automating the majority of their tasks and saved lots of their precious time.

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