Generate More Highly Qualified Leads with Facebook Leads Ads

Back in 2015, Facebook announced a new type of lead generation ads for the great pleasure of all marketers around the globe: Facebook lead ads (FBLA).

Facebook Leads ads (FBLA) purpose is to help businesses to promote their products and services more effectively by giving the possibility to increase the number of leads without having to drive traffic to your site first. Usually, most users don’t want to fill up all the field of a form, Facebook does it automatically for them.

Research has found that 1.7 billion people log into Facebook each day. That’s a huge advertising opportunity but there are still some issues to solve in order to be sure to make the most of those ads. Indeed, your visual looks good, call to action is strong, and your offer is appealing. You’ve even added an attractive worded, pared back your lead form field to encourage quick submission.

But are your Facebook Lead Ads working in a sense of driving highly qualified leads?

How to optimize your timing engagement and productivity with this tool ?


Facebook Leads ads is organically full of advantage that you need to master. Indeed, your offers are few clicks away from the audience that you need to target, so don’t miss your chance to get new leads.
First of all, the fact that users click on your ads on Facebook and instantly visualize a registration form that is already pre fulfilled by the platform, all this without leaving the social network, is just a must in term of user experience. Just clicks to fulfill a form, that’s optimization.

Besides, those ads are made to convert people on mobile. As we know, almost 90% of Facebook’s daily active users access it via mobile. Which means that people can make a quick and easy submission, on the go. There is no question to ask between classic ads and those ones in terms of usability. When you have fewer drop-offs, you will drive more conversions. The fact that it is easy with this leads ads to finalize forms give naturally more people to retarget. The simple and easy nature of lead ads means more people are likely to finish and send forms, giving you a bigger amount of people to retarget.

Of course, you can customize your form to streamline your sales process and identify high quality leads easily. But, benefits can go beyond lead generation, there are multiple purposes like newsletter distribution, list acquisition, books, call-backs, manage quote requests, or for event registrations.

“Facebook leads most likely won’t convert into customers on their own.”

Most famous pain points

Indeed, it is really difficult to generate qualified leads because generally, this kind of ads led to unqualified leads in a way that people are not always fully interested in your service. You have to filter after your ad displaying. Furthermore, it is not that simple for a marketer that manage multiple campaigns across the web.

Facebook Ads Manager Dashboard will quickly show you campaign metrics, including the number of leads submitted but if you want to know more about them and your stats, you need to export them or build a zap. One of the problems with downloading leads manually is that your leads can’t enter an automated email sequence immediately after signing up. Response time is essential at this stage. Plus, all the leads are only stored for 90 days, and you want to be sure to send that initial email as soon as possible. After all, acquiring a lead is alright but deliver to your sales team highly qualified leads is much better!

So it’s really not always convenient to pass through the Facebook ads manager in order to keep up with your lead processing.

”Remember that Facebook Ads work. There are proven results that work for companies of all sizes, and the huge majority of businesses use them for content marketing.” Neil Patel


TIPS to boost conversion with Facebook Leads Ads and if your CTR seems to be unsatisfactory


1. Your FBLA is your landing page

Introduce some contexts inside your ad It will prepare the audience before launching the form. To get someone to give you their personal information, you need to be offering them something they want — it’s important to consider this before creating your ad.

2. Make it Real

Create your proposition as attractive as possible to make your ad special but don’t forget to make it real. We know that people are scrolling inside a newsfeed that generally promote friends and families posts. If your ads looked too much as an “ads”, people won’t like it. Of course, you need to implement some catchy words that can influence users to give their informations but remember to keep it real.

3. Value the data you gather by adding a question

An additional question will give the possibility to gather more specifics data. More informations means that your lead will be more qualified. Plus, if someone fulfills entirely this form will definitely mean that this person is showing a strong interest. Your sales rep will be glad to have those additional data because it will give him a little help to close the deal.

4. Drive more qualified leads with Ohmylead

If you use a CRM system that Facebook doesn’t integrate with directly, you need to set up a third-party integration. With Ohmylead you can let your Facebook Ads Manager aside and let your ads running while you gather all your leads and informations inside our solution. Moreover, you can initiate your mailing sequence automatically and then don’t miss any sales opportunity. Thanks to our dashboard, you will be able to see which Facebook leads Ads to generate the most qualified leads.

5. Send a confirmation with a second form

With the objective to get more highly qualified leads, we give you the advice to try to redirect the people interested in your service toward a new form.
It will definitely filter people that are really interested or not. Your funnel acquisition will definitely have more frictions but you’ll drive more qualified leads.

6. Target and Retarget

You can easily reach the people that matters to your business: People that have submitted forms already qualify as a “warm audience.” This audience type is important for future retargeting and can be easily encouraged towards conversion.

7. Additional options that will drive more high-quality conversion.

  • A reward or a Give Away: This is arguably one of the best ways to generate leads. However, the giveaway product must be relevant to your business. Do not forget that you’re offering only to increase your business. Avoid giving generic gifts to avoid unqualified leads. It will definitely encourage visitors to fulfill your form and therefore more conversion.
  • Lead Magnets: Though lead magnet is an ethical bribe but a fruitful strategy to generate leads. Try to use something that will effectively capture visitors’ mind ; for example, an early access to new products or services.
  • Furnish Discount Coupons: It is one kind of lead magnets. Perhaps this is the easiest way to attract more people. Try to send the coupon via email after the visitor fills up your form.
  • Event registration: your lead has shown interest by signing up for the event you’re organizing, you could send him à “thank you” mail to increase engagement.
  • Newsletters: when someone subscribes to your newsletter, it clearly means they’re interested in your brand. Make sure you deliver some useful but sympathetic content.

To sum up, Facebook Leads Ads is a strongly efficient tool to generate leads, if only you use it right.

  • First, make sure you have a relevant lead magnet, the substance as well as the format.
  • Second, build a strong email relationship with your leads.
  • Finally, always be up to date with trends so you don’t miss out a single opportunity.

You can manage all that with Ohmylead, why not giving a try?

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